Don’t Guess.  Know.

We all hear a lot about marketing “best practices” but it’s thoughtful analysis of research data that drives great marketing.  There’s tons of great research, survey data and benchmarks out there, but most are buried in boilerplate or hidden behind long, scary forms.  Let’s change that.

Cometrics is Impartial.

Anybody can contribute research to Cometrics–though not all get in.  Those that do are reviewed by the community.  The good stuff bubbles to the surface, while the not-so-good drops like a rock.

The good stuff bubbles to the surface, while the not-so-good drops like a rock.

So, instead of reading an article about how SEO is the most critical thing in the world written by (guess who) an SEO firm, Cometrics is impartial.  Authors may have their own bias, but the community as a whole will review, offer feedback and vote up (or down) featured research, analytics and benchmarks.

Unobtrusive Advertising

Sure, sponsorship opportunities exist on Cometrics, but they’re unobtrusive and targeted.  In other words, they are actually helpful and forward the conversation–rather than appear as just another “uninvited guest.”

Cometrics is Mobile

93.5% of Statistics are made-up on the spot. Just ask Cometrics.

Our site is built from the ground-up to be mobile, responsive, retina-ready and touch-friendly.  Pull up on your tablet or smartphone whenever someone makes up a marketing statistic in a meeting and shine like the rock star you are.

Cometrics is in BETA

Cometrics is still in BETA.  To we less nerdy types, that means we’re young but full of ambition.  Our success depends entirely on your participation to grow and review our growing database of marketing metrics.