Analytics for Tumblr

While many on the ‘Net expected there to be a rather sizable exodus from Tumblr once it was acquired by Yahoo, the network seems to be holding its own.  As a result, savvy brands need to remain focused on understanding just how well their campaigns are performing on the social network and solutions are emerging to do just that.

Social media analytics solution Simply Measured for example recently announced they have partnered with Tumblr as the platform’s “preferred partner” for enterprise and agency level analytics solutions (the new service is actually the first analytics solution certified by Tumblr).

The addition of Tumblr brings the count to 9 major social networks Simply Measured is capable of reporting on.

Users can now measure, analyze and report on Tumblr metrics in much the same way that they do with other networks through the Simply Measured system. Through four reports, Tumblr analytics enables users to analyze post engagement, measure reblogs, track follower growth and identify influencers.

tumblr analytics

The system also shows the traffic sources driving visits and can measure post activity even when shared on other channels. There is also a competitive report which lets brands compare themselves against any 10 Tumblr blogs.

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Analytics for Tumblr
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