ASOS and the Facebook Effect

Using paid media to leverage the potential of earned properties such as the Facebook Brand Page yields positive ROI.

Facebook advertising generated 130 per cent uplift in purchase behavior on the ASOS website in the four weeks following ad exposure. This is relative to those consumers who were not exposed and importantly demonstrated a similar affinity to ASOS as the test group (e.g. site visitation and purchase) in the four weeks prior to the advertising campaign.


For more information on how European retailers use Facebook to influence consumer behaviors, there’s a complimentary whitepaper, the “Power of Like Europe: How Social Marketing Works for Retail Brands” by Cathy McCarthy and Mike Shaw.

The_Power_of_Like_Europe_large“The Power of Like Europe: How Social Marketing Works for Retail Brands” whitepaper is based on a collaboration between comScore and Facebook and is a follow-up to the original Power of Like study conducted in the US in May 2011 and Power of Like 2, published in June 2012. The findings are largely based on data from comScore Social Essentials™ and Action Lift™ products.

With a focus on Europe, this study illustrates how popular consumer brands are utilizing Facebook to deliver media impressions at scale, achieve brand amplification and resonance, and ultimately drive desired behaviors amongst key customer segments.

Download the Whitepaper from comScore.

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ASOS and the Facebook Effect
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