Choosing the Best CMS for CXM

Delivering a great customer experience requires more than a Content Management System for updating Websites. Customers expect personalized interactions across multiple touch-points including email, mobile apps and social media. That requires a CMS that works as part of a larger Customer Experience Management (CXM) system.

In a new paper, Sitecore outlines how to ensure your CMS can support all the capabilities – like search, eCommerce, and analytics – required in a complete CXM solution. With a clear picture of how to evaluate the options, you’ll ensure that you have a powerful solution for engaging audiences and winning customers for life.

A Roadmap for Choosing

sitecore-cxm-wpHere’s an abbreviated roadmap for choosing your CMS from the whitepaper.

  1. Bring marketing and IT together
  2. Try it before you buy it
  3. See it in action
  4. Attend vendor training
  5. Tap the developer community
  6. Talk to other customers

Download the paper here (PDF).

According to Stepen Powers of Forrester:

“It is time to start thinking about WCM [web content management] beyond just managing content or siloed websites or experiences. Instead, we need to think of how WCM will interact and integrate with other solutions – like search, recommendations, eCommerce, and analytics – in the customer experience management (CXM) ecosystem in order to enable businesses to manage experiences across customer touchpoints.”

Download “Choosing the Best Web CMS for Customer Experience Management” today (short registration required).

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Choosing the Best CMS for CXM
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