Mobile VS Desktop Usage Statistics and Responsive Design

Enjoying what the internet has to offer on a tablet or a phone has become more and more common today. But how common is it? How necessary is it to have a dynamic site that can handle all resolutions and platforms? And how does the use on other platforms compare to computers?

Einar Emilsson from the White Label Agency extracted analytics data from one of their customers that runs an eCommerce business for the home renovation industry. The study consists of analytics data from 72,000 visitors.

Mobile VS Desktop

% of total visitors

Mobile 13.4% | Desktop 86.6%

% of total time spent

Mobile 8.8% | Desktop 91.2%

% of total pages visited

Mobile 9% | Desktop 91%

% of bounces

Mobile 16.7% | Desktop 83.3%

As we can see, 13.4% are accessing the site from mobile devices. That’s a significant increase from, well, 0% just a couple of years ago. This particular eCommerce site is not built to be responsive, and you end up with the situation where you have to drag and zoom a lot.

13.4% of 72,000 visitors is more than 9,600 lost opportunities.

As we can see from the other graphs (pages visited, time spent and bounces) visitors on mobile aren’t getting a good experience and thus have a tendency not to stay around very long. This, of course, leads to less sales.

Responsive or Mobile?

There are two main ways to solve this. The trendy way is to use a responsive design – meaning a flexible layout that adjusts to the width of the screen (from a wide desktop of 1140px to portrait mobile phone of just 320px).

The other solution is to make a special site for mobile use. You can see this sometimes when you get a url in your address bar. There is more work involved in this kind of solution, but you can adjust everything to the particular platform/resolution and there are more opportunities to fine-tune functions and design.

Browser Statistics


I am surprised every time I look at this type of chart. Almost 50% using IE? Really? Well, that’s what the analytics say for the site in this study… We can also see that the rest of the usage is pretty spread out, which means that when you build a site, you really have to be careful and make sure it works in all browsers.

Here are some more browser usage statistics.

Analytics Design Mobile
Mobile VS Desktop Usage Statistics and Responsive Design
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