Pre-Testing Ad Creative Pays for Itself

A four year case study conducted from 2006 to 2009 shows how systematic creative pre-testing drives better advertising results and lowers upfront development costs.

The illustration below shows that over the course of the research period, the percentage of ads qualifying to air simultaneously rises with the average score of the qualifying communications.


The study results demonstrate a 23% gain in ad qualification rates over the course of the study, which generates more than $2 saved in production costs for every $1 spent on research. In conjunction with gains in efficiency, we can also see that average test scores of qualified copy increased by 22% over the four year period of this study. The airing of more effective advertising will result in improved levels of advertising ROI.

It can be concluded that the gain in ad development efficiency and effectiveness is a direct effect of garnering and applying continual learning through systematic copy testing. Through improved efficiency, copy testing indeed seems to pay for itself.

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Pre-Testing Ad Creative Pays for Itself
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