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JDM regularly encourages (and sponsors) employees to take on side projects that either benefit the community or challenge us in new and innovative ways.   Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of our latest project, ProScore.  ProScore is a free site scorer unlike any on the web today.

Although still in BETA, the system is designed to take any website URL entered into its Google-esque interface and generate a comprehensive, but easy-to-understand report on how professionally designed and built the site is.

There are several free site scorers and graders out there, but ProScore is different.   While others either focus on SEO or always say your site sucks unless you’re using “their” product, ProScore’s unbiased algorithm runs HUNDREDS of tests for common mistakes, not-so-best practices and other indicators of amateur web design and development.

More than just a static score, the report also offers detailed analysis, tips, and benchmarks your score across other sites scored by the system – a feature that will organically improve with each new site scored.

As I said, ProScore is still in BETA and we invite you to put it through its paces.  Test your site.  Test your friend’s site.  Share your ProScore with the world.

If you think you’ve been wrongly judged by the system, let us know.  We also welcome your test & feature suggestions.

So, what’s your ProScore?

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Website Professionalism Scorer
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