The Evolution of Digital Ads: From Direct Response to Branding

Originally considered exclusively a direct response medium, online advertising is now seen as a powerful platform that offers both longer term brand value as well as immediate sales.

In fact, digital ad spend is now equivalent to half of TV ad revenues and larger than advertising investments in newspaper, magazines and radio advertising individually.  In a new presentation, comScore Chairman and Co-Founder Gian Fulgoni uses comScore’s decade of proprietary data measuring consumer behavior to show important lessons learned about how to best use this powerful medium.

Key Takeaways

Digital advertising has been shown to be a powerful and cost effective direct response and branding medium that can lift both online and in-store sales.

Although counter-intuitive, “the click” is not an accurate predictor of display advertising effectiveness.

While offering advantages over traditional media, “the cookie” is far from perfect as a measurement and targeting tool.

In-flight optimization of digital campaigns dramatically improves financial ROI by improving viewability and targeting accuracy.

View the presentation on comScore (registration required).

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The Evolution of Digital Ads: From Direct Response to Branding
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