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Some people hate forms. In fact, nearly everybody hates forms. Fill this in, give me your details, do not pass go until you’ve told me your mothers maiden name. How rude.
Using the word “Submit” as your form CTA, reduces conversion rates by 3%. Never Submit.

Unbounce, a web form optimization service, has some interesting data around form conversion analytics.  Right off the bat, they hit us with a quote by their own, Ryan Engley.

Gotta love actionable recommendations ;).

Unbounce Says…

A few pieces of wisdom from Unbounce to help optimize form conversion rates include:

Test Button Copy

Apparently “Click Here” and “Go” are the most successful, but we recommend testing this against a very specific CTA – such as “Click here to download your ebook,” using the power words of “Click Here” with a more descriptive element.

(Form) Length Really Matters

If you want to increase form conversions, you must consider reducing the number of fields. An example presented in the infographic (below) highlights one company that increased conversions by 120% by reducing their form from 11 fields down to 4.

Clearly it’s worth sacrificing that extra information to get such a high conversion rate. If you really need extra info, consider doing an a/b/c test where you compare all of your fields with the absolute minimum and a half-way version to determine which converts best – and then weigh it against the value of the extra data collected, and see how it will impact your post-click marketing.

Don’t Call Me

An average 5% dip in conversion rate by including a phone number field. Unless your business is based on post-click sales calls, avoid this field at all cost. Not many people like to have someone call them (unless it’s critical to their personal success).

Optimum Form Fields

According to research from QuickSprout, just employing a handful of changes to your form can DRASTICALLY increase your conversion rates.  First off, keep ’em short — really short. The following chart shows how quickly conversion rates fall with each additional web form field after 3.

Fun Fact: Expedia eliminated ONE field (“company name”) from their purchase form and profits soared $12 million.

Optimize Web Forms Infographic


Infographic source. By QuickSprout.

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Web Form Conversion Analytics
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