What’s the Best Time to Send Email Campaigns?

Just about EVERY email distribution system will let you schedule an email campaign for some future date and time.  The question then becomes, when time is the best? Or, does it not matter?

So, it DOES matter, but it depends. I know that’s an irritating answer.

Depends on the Type

There are lots of types of email campaigns.  Newsletters, for example, have the best open rates on the weekends (around mid-morning).   That’s when people feel more comfortable catching up on news.

eCommerce emails, by contrast, are best suited for early morning on or after 8pm on weekdays.  Shoppers are more likely to treat themselves right before or right after a long workday.

Depends on the Device

According to data from Email Monks, mobile email usage is more prevalent in the morning and evening hours. The blue line is desktop. The pink one is mobile devices.

A Rule of Thumb

In theory an email sent at 5:00pm should have a 23.63% chance of being opened in the first hour after delivery, BUT…

  • at 5:00pm people are stuck in traffic
  • at 6:00pm people are ording pizza
  • at 7:00pm people are bathing children
  • after 8:00pm people are checking emails again

Ask Around

Here’s a super-handy infographic from GetResonse about the best time to send email campaigns.


Trust Me

Just like any other relationship, there needs to be value given on both ends. An user signing up for news must receive newsworthy content. Shoppers must receive valuable deals. However, for outstanding results, you must offer remarkable value.

Users must feel that by investing their precious time into your email they’re getting a great return on investment. If you were receiving your emails, would you consider it a good investment of time?

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What’s the Best Time to Send Email Campaigns?
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