Getting Started Guide

Contributing your own marketing research metrics to Cometrics is easy.  Here’s a basic “getting started” guide.  If you’re having trouble, drop us a line.

Create an Account

Step one is to create a free Cometrics account.  Simply click “Free Account” at the very top of the site – or – “Login/Register” link under “Participate” in the footer.

The form will ask you for the basic stuff: a username you can remember, (maybe) a password, and your “Display Name” which is how people will see you (they won’t see your username).

Complete that stuff and click “Register.”  If you already set your password, you can now login with that password and the username you chose.  Otherwise, check your email (may be in your Junk folder) for an email from Cometrics with your auto-generated password.


Complete Your Profile


Now you’ve created your account, you can now login with the username and password you created.  Before you start writing, you should complete your Cometrics profile.

You can always flesh it out more later, but it’s a good idea to enter at least a little information about yourself before you publish anything (such as your company name, a short description of you/your company, a profile picture, some links to your Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ accounts.

NOTE: If you want your picture next to your article in search results, you must add your Google+ link here AS WELL AS link your Google+ profile to Cometrics.  That’s not us, that’s Google.

You can access this page anytime by clicking “My Profile” from the very top of the site.


If you’ve ever used Word, you can use our WYSIWYG editor (or “What You See Is What You Get”).  Just login and click “Add Post“.  Then, start typing.  If you want to make something bold, just highlight it and click the B.  If you want to add a link, highlight what you want to link and click the chain link icon.

Consider using blockquotes to break-up content.  Just highlight a paragraph and click the quote icon.

NOTE: It’ll look a LOT better once it’s published.

Choose a category, add an image, fill in the captcha (so we know you’re human) and click “Send Your Post.” If it meets our submission guidelines, we’ll approve it.


All done?

Once your post is approved, you should be good to go.  If you have any changes you want to make to the post after it’s published, contact us (referencing the URL of the post in question).   We’ll either change it for you or send you a link to edit it yourself.

Let’s start writing!