Prioritize Customer Experience

Recent studies reveal high-performance companies are putting customers at the center of their strategies.  In fact, they’re making the customer experience–not product or logistics–a priority, and giving customers a seat at the boardroom.
Companies that prioritize the customer experience gained 43% in performance.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, understands the cost of an unhappy customer. Recently, a customer raved about the way Cook handled an email complaint. The simple act of listening to feedback and taking immediate action thrilled the customer and he shared the experience on reddit.

So where do you stand on the customer-centricity scale?

A new infographic from Vision Critical dives into how truly customer-centric companies prioritize the customer experience and engage regularly in two-way communication with customers.  These companies are giving tehir customers a seat at the boardroom table–the result is a 43% performance boost.


Discover the 7 habits of customer-obsessed companies.

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Prioritize Customer Experience
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