Digital Marketing Trends 2014

According to research compiled by Syndacast, 2014 has again transformed the digital marketing landscape in the form of content marketing, advertising, big data, and mobile marketing.

Content Marketing

In 2014, content remained king. How people consumed and shared that content, however changed.

Simplicity Matters

Google’s algorithm updates indicate that they value simplicity of design that’s on par with their own.

Storytelling is Paramount

Marketers have been demonstrating their ability to tell their story as succinctly as possible in 2014.

Still Content Hungry

In 2013, research showed 329 million people reading blogs; 9 in 10 organizations marketing their content; and a dramatic increase in content sharing via social media channels.

Advertising Trends

Using data management platforms (DMP), advertisers are now able to conditionally attribute more weight and value to advertising their desired audience. This is magnified by organizations that have embraced location-based radius marketing for their search campaigns to up-sell and cross-sell.

Big Data Getting Bigger

By 2020, big data is expected to grow exponentially according to thorough analysis and predictions.


Mobile Marketing

Since Google enhanced their Adwords campaign to make it more mobile-friendly, there has been a significant growth in CPC from mobile bidding.

Internet traffic from mobile devices is expected to exceed traffic from desktop computers. For this reason, many businesses are adapting their websites to follow responsive web design best practices and (finally) using HTML5 heavily.  Check out a few mobile marketing stats from Adage for more details.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2014
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