HR Buyers Guide 2014

Great HR products and services don’t sell themselves. Effective marketing is essential. But what constitutes effective marketing? How should HR solution providers allocate their marketing resources?

The answer to that multibillion-dollar question is it’s different for every provider. But two of the biggest factors that help determine your marketing success are:

  1. How and where do your potential buyers consume information; and
  2. What do they value most in helping them research their purchasing options and determine their short list of vendors to evaluate more closely?

hrm-2014-buyers-report2HRmarketer and fisher VISTA created the “2014 HR Buying Trends Survey” to help answer these questions. We asked nearly 200 HR buyers nine questions about the ways they research products and solutions, the means and methods they use, and their budgetary expectations for the future. Read on to see their responses… and what they mean for your marketing initiatives.

The 12-page report is easy and fun to read and uses a variety of colorful graphics while answering important questions.

Check out their interactive infographic for the highlights and don’t forget to download the full report from the bottom.

Advertising Infographics
HR Buyers Guide 2014
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