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The benefits of responsive Web design (RWD) are clear. It provides a seamless cross-device experience, which both users and the search engines (namely Google) prefer. According to research gathered by WhoIsHostingThis, most websites are still not responsive. So, if you’re late to jump on the bandwagon or you just don’t know anything about responsive design, here are some handy statistics from the infographic.

75% of Consumers Prefer a mobile-friendly site.

A full 75% of respondents said they prefer a mobile-friendly website, “why not give them what they want?” WhoIsHostingThis asks.

What IS RWD?

First off, what IS responsive web design? Responsive web design detects the width of the user’s browser (in real time) and can change the layout to better suit a very wide screen (like on a desktop), a very narrow screen (like an iPhone held in the portrait orientation) and everything in between.


It detects the width of the browser and compensates via what are called Media Queries. That’s a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) tool web designers can use to create different looks based on width, height, orientation, color, and even display resolution (Retina or Standard, for example).

Mobile App VS Responsive Website

This discussion has been raging since the introduction of responsive web design. Here’s what the infographic has to say.



More than pure aesthetics (though that matters), responsive web design also has some powerful benefits in design consistency, scalability and SEO.

Website Content

As long as the site loads quickly, responsive web design means the same content on the same web page looks consistent from one device to the next.

Scaling Ability

The dimensions will fit any desktop, tablet or mobile device, so the days of information being viewed on an iPhone but not on an Android are a thing of the past.

Search Engine Optimization

One website; one SEO campaign. For those maintaining the website, it is easier for Google to crawl and index one website, rather than two different URLs (like and and somehow not counting duplicate content against you.

The Infographic

Check out the infographic from WhoIsHostingThis? on Website Magazine’s website.

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Responsive Web Design Research
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