Convert Leads into Revenue and Drive Decisions

Customers’ expectations have been radically changing in recent years making it critical to engage each lead and nurture the sales process. Today’s buyer has control of the reigns – complete power. An increase of competition and an abundance of knowledge at the buyers finger tips can make or break your sale. Discuss relevant information early in the buying stages and have a high level of interaction with your customers before, during, and after the transaction.

Want to help drive your customers’ decisions? Occupy the center stage and implement these three critical components into your sales process:

Nurture & Monitor Leads with Marketing Automation

Using existing sales staff for nurturing, increases sales-ready leads by 50% with little to no investment.

Improve the dynamics of your revenue cycle by converting more potential buyers into customers. Companies are able to use existing sales staff for nurturing campaigns, increasing the number of sales-ready leads by 50% with little to no incremental investment.

These leads optimize your revenue by bringing a 47% higher average order value than a non-nurtured lead. Turn each lead into a revenue driving opportunity for your sales team.

Analyze your past and apply it to your future

Learn from past success and reference it moving forward. Analyzing and segmenting your data based on past success will quickly increase your overall conversion.

Simply pulling a data list to “spray and pray” will increase campaign costs and have a very limited return. Analyze the past data, profile your ideal target based on past buyer criteria and then prioritize your lead lists for each sales agent.

Model your communication strategies around contact preferences

Once your customer nears the point of their decision be sure to continuously increase the value of your offer. Make the difference by having an option to continuously be in contact using the customers preferred method of communication. Online chat and e-mail technologies allow for instant communication without the necessary live voice interaction. A live voice option for both inbound and outbound calls will add value by knowing someone is available to serve their needs.

Its a win-win when you build your customer contact strategy correctly – converting more leads for your business and making your customers happier.

Building your sales process correctly will only help increase conversion and generate higher ROI.

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Convert Leads into Revenue and Drive Decisions
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