10 Eye-Opening HR Statistics

Research statistics. They’re everywhere and they keep on coming at us, taunting us to be better.

As HR professionals, we’re bombarded by so much business data day after day that it’s inevitable we’ll overlook some truly useful information. Or worse—we’ll put it in our “I need to address this issue” file, where it eventually becomes buried under many other related files on our desks.

But fear not! We’ve gathered up 10 of the timeliest HR statistics for you to consider from a variety of renowned sources. At the very least, these statistics will provide you with a valuable window into the current state of HR. But if you’re willing to delve a little deeper, these statistics serve as powerful catalysts for transformation, helping you take critical action toward strengthening your organization’s HR business strategy and function.

Data Categories

10-Eye-Opening-HR-Statistics2We’ve grouped these statistics into the following five categories:

  1. HR’s Performance
  2. Reorganizing and Restructuring of HR
  3. Company Culture
  4. General Business Environment
  5. Employee Engagement

Use these statistics as a strategy guide and to gain buy-in for improvement recommendations.

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10 Eye-Opening HR Statistics
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