44% of Email is Opened on a Mobile Device

Mobile email is on the rise.  According to data compiled by eMailmonday, mobile email will account for 15 to 65% of email opens.

According to Litmus, a really cool email testing solution, more email is read Mobile than on a desktop email client or via webmail.   Their statistics say 44% of all email is now opened on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone).


See graph from March 2013.

The total (non-unique) Mobile Email open and click rates differ very heavily per industry, with relative differences over 200% and more. Consumer services has the highest average total opens on phones with 40.14%. B2B (14.56%), Health Care (16.16%) and Associations (17.78%) display the lowest mobile open rates, according to Knotice.

17.71% of users will open email on a mobile device once or more per month

Campaignmonitor’s survey, “Email client popularity” tells us that 17.71% of users will open email on a mobile device once or more per month. With iOs devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod account for 16.01% and Android for 1,70%. These are non-exclusive stats, as many people use more than one emailclient.

Perhaps most interesting of all is data from ExactTarget that asked, “How did you receive the message(s) that led to the purchase?  See their answers below.  Yup, 56% said email.


There are a whole bunch more interesting mobile email usage statistics on eMailmonday.

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44% of Email is Opened on a Mobile Device
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