Customer Experience Maturity Assessment Survey

You already own marketing, and now you own the customer experience too. Is there anything marketing can’t do? Now that your customer is in control and decides when, where and why he wants to engage with you, you need to have a much wider view of how you interact with that customer.

Why focus on UX?

By focusing on relevance and offering desirable customer experiences, you can acquire, grow and retain customers for life.

Drive revenue growth by delivering the most relevant content for each interaction with customers across any communications channel.


Are you on top of this?

Are you on top of this seismic shift in customer behavior?

Take the 10 question assessment and find out where you rank for:

  • KPI alignment across customer touch points
  • Data integration for a unified view of the customer
  • Adoption and achievement in mobile, personalization, testing and more.

You’ll receive helpful recommendations to take your customer engagement to the next level.


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Customer Experience Maturity Assessment Survey
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