Insurance Consumers Choose Email

According to a recent survey by Accenture, U.S. home and auto insurance customers are choosing digital sources for insurance quotes and other related information more than ever before.

While 76% of consumers prefer to set up and pay for their insurance policies in person with an agent, 58% indicated a preference for doing so via the Web. (Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer.)

If consumers are seeking digital outlets and want to work directly with an agent, then why not make insurance agents’ jobs easier and give them the necessary tools?

How can insurance companies make it easier for agents, you ask? One way is by incorporating distributed marketing tools into your organization.

For example, give your agents the capability to send professional emails to their customers. If a customer reaches out via the insurer’s website and requests a quote, an agent can follow-up with an impressive email with all the details the customer needs.

Insurance companies are starting to go the route of empowering agents with email marketing tools and capabilities using tools like ExactTarget’s Distributed Sending product–and there are many benefits for both the agent and headquarters.

Let’s start with the benefits for headquarters:

  • Control your brand and messaging across your entire organization
  • Have the ability to view and approve emails before they are sent
  • Manage and maintain your subscriber lists
  • Analyze campaign performance across the entire business

And there are just as many benefits for the agent:

  • Send emails quickly and easily
  • Create professional-looking emails using pre-built email templates
  • Easily gain access to corporate-approved imagery
  • Add new subscribers to your account
  • View email campaign performance

In short, you want a distributed marketing email tool that is simple to use. Empower your agents by making it is as easy as possible to send emails while still maintaining brand control.

According to Erik J. Sandquist, a managing director in Accenture Property and Casualty Insurance Services, insurers need to understand that consumers are becoming more diversified in choosing their channels throughout each stage of the buying process.

Insurance companies with an agency distribution model need to adapt to the fact customers shift their channel preferences, and insurers need to integrate digital capabilities into their agent networks.

To learn more about the distributed marketing tool at ExactTarget, click here!

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Insurance Consumers Choose Email
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