iOS 7 adoption rate: 29% in first 16 hours

After apple released a major update to their mobile operating system, iOS 7, the 1.3 GB file was downloaded 6.3 million times per hour pushing internet bandwidth to 112%.

The mobile analytics firm Mixpanel has produced a cool little widget that lets you track the rate at which Apple’s mobile customers are switching from iOS 6 to iOS 7.


Diving into all that data, here’s what it tells us.   As of 1 p.m. Eastern Wednesday, when Apple released its new operating system, the previous version was running on 93% of the iPhones, iPads and iPod touches still in use. Sixteen hours later, 29.25% of those devices were running iOS 7.

So how many copies of iOS 7 is that?

According to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Apple will sell its 700th million iOS device next month. As of last January, roughly half of the iOS devices sold were still in use. If that ratio holds, it puts the number of downloads at roughly 100 million, or 6.3 million per hour.  At 1.2 gigabytes per iPhone download (1.3GB for iPad) that’s nearly 2.2 terabytes per second.


With adoption rates estimated at 29% for the new mobile OS in just the first 16 hours after its release, makes tech junkies feel warm and fuzzy.


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iOS 7 adoption rate: 29% in first 16 hours
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