Men and Women Respond Differently to Creative Ad Elements

A recent Data Gem, entitled Men More Difficult to Persuade with Advertising than Women, revealed (not surprisingly) that while men and women recall advertising at similar levels, men are generally less responsive to advertising messages overall. To better understand what drives these differences between men and women, we decided to dig a bit deeper.

The findings showed that women respond more favorably to ads with product research information, more frequent brand name mentions and various types of product illustrations or demonstrations. Alternatively, men were significantly more responsive to ads containing superiority claims.


The study consisted of 292 television copy tests that accounted for about 200,000 respondents, comScore uncovered a finding that men may, in fact, be more difficult to persuade through advertising messages than women.

This study, which spanned 65 brands and 46 categories of mutual interest between men and women, shows that Share of Choice (a measure that behaviorally identifies consumer preference by weighing the actual choices consumers make in a balanced competitive environment) is significantly higher among women in comparison to men. Related recall scores remain relatively equal between the two respondent groups.


This gem is a preliminary excerpt of data from a comScore study on Trends in Advertising among Millennials. Look for the full study on

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Men and Women Respond Differently to Creative Ad Elements
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