Mobile Marketing Stats from Ad Age’s “Mobile Fact Pack”

U.S. mobile ad spending this year will surge 75% to nearly $8 billion, with Google pocketing half of that, according to eMarketer estimates.

adage mobile fact packMobile ads will account for more than 50% of Facebook revenue by year end. Half the U.S. population will be carrying smartphones in 2014.

Check out Ad Age’s “Mobile Fact Pack” 2013.

This handy guide to mobile marketing with stats on ad spending, facts on Facebook, market-share figures on Android and iPhone, analysis of consumer behavior and a ranking of mobile agencies.

A few statistics from the ‘fact pack’:

  • U.S. mobile ad spending in 2013: $8 billion
  • Growth in 2013 U.S. mobile ad spending: 75%
  • Projected 2013 U.S. mobile ad revenue for Google: $4 billion
  • Share of U.S. smartphones running on Google’s Android: 52%
  • Projected share of U.S. population with smartphones in 2014: 50%
  • Projected share of world population with smartphones in 2014: 24%
  • U.S. unique visitors who access Facebook via mobile device: 110 million
  • Average minutes a day adults spend using mobile devices: 141
  • 2012 U.S. mobile revenue of Wunderman, largest mobile agency: $52 million

By the end of the year, you can imagine a new divide emerging: the brands that have successfully made the transition to mobile, and those that haven’t.

Download the report here.

Advertising Mobile Statistics
Mobile Marketing Stats from Ad Age’s “Mobile Fact Pack”
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