Think You Know Mobile Millennials? Think Again.

Results of a national survey of consumers commissioned by Campaigner, the email marketing and CRM brand of j2 Global, revealed that more millennials make purchases directly from mobile marketing emails than any other generation.

eMarketer recently projected that mCommerce will account for nearly 16 percent, or $41.68 billion, of this year’s eCommerce holiday shopping spend; more than half of these transactions (62.5 percent) will take place on tablet devices. Considering these factors, retailers have a huge opportunity this holiday season to tap into this highly mobile generation–73 percent of which are already making transactions on mobile devices, reportedly spending more than they earn.

85.7% of millennials use email on their mobile phone and have made purchases directly from a mobile marketing email.

According to Campaigner’s survey, the millennial generation (age 18–34) is emerging as the hot demographic for retailers to win over for mobile purchases this holiday season. Of the millennials that own mobile devices, nearly nine in 10 (85.7 percent) use email on their mobile phone and, to date, more have made purchases directly from a mobile marketing email than any other generation.

Only 19.8% are motivated to open emails because of the subject line.

This mobile, tech-savvy group needs to be wooed—and in the right way. Retailers face several mobile marketing email challenges when it comes to turning millennial targets into buyers and loyal customers. The top three challenges mobile marketers face in this regard include motivating millennials to open the emails, engage with the email and then share the deals or offers through social channels. According to the Campaigner survey, only 19.8 percent are motivated to open emails because of the subject line, and 25.5 percent identify irrelevant or non-personalized content as the biggest irritation regarding the email marketing messages they receive on their mobile devices.

The biggest opportunity retailers are missing is the benefits they would reap from adding social share buttons to their mobile marketing emails. At this time, millennials depend on social networks to keep up with brands and deals. However, the Campaigner survey suggests that when it comes to mobile marketing emails, a whopping 74.2 percent are not at all likely to share appealing email offers through their social media channels.

While the holiday shopping season is undoubtedly a boon for retailers, the Campaigner survey reveals that that it might actually be the toughest time for them to break through to millennials. Nearly 70 percent are indifferent to, or unengaged with, the mobile marketing content they are receiving during the holiday shopping season. In breaking it down, nearly 50 percent (48.6) are undecided as to how holiday marketing emails impact their holiday purchases, and 21.1 percent feel overwhelmed by them, ignoring them outright.

“Members of the Millennial generation are hands-down the most active mobile users and consumers in the world, and they will soon become the heart-and-soul of the mobile commerce economy,” said E.J. McGowan, general manager of Campaigner, in a news release. “This generation is a game-changer for retailers and they will need to approach targeting this valuable demographic from all angles—mobile design, personalization, social, and content that engages.”

Top 3 Tips for breaking through to Mobile Millennials

Up Your Social Game

To capture the attention of the most socially-networked generation to date, give them an easy way to share great sales or promotions. Dedicating a small amount of space in a mobile marketing email for potential customers to share information on their social networks is an easy effort to make as a means to increase your millennial customer base. If you really want to get them hooked—set up a rewards program for sharing.

Go Mobile-friendly, or Go Home

Since millennials are exceptionally mobile-savvy, they lose patience with clunky, non-mobile optimized emails in an instant. Make sure the size and style of the fonts used is readable, use big call-to-action buttons for easy tapping and mobile devices, and always ensure that mobile marketing emails link back to a mobile-optimized site or landing page. To cover your bases with responsive mobile design.

Know Your Millennials

The last thing you want a millennial to do is not to open your email–or worse–read your email headline, and delete it because it doesn’t relate to them. Millennials have grown up in the age of on-demand, personalized everything, so it’s critical to go the extra mile with personalization in an effort to impress and/or reassure them that you know what they want, when they want it, before they even do.

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Think You Know Mobile Millennials? Think Again.
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