Optimize Web Page Link Structure

One of the things that often webmasters and many times even SEO practitioners forget to optimize for is the URL structure of their websites.  Web SEO Analytics has a new free tool for analyzing and optimizing your web page link structure.

Link-StructureThe Link Structure is a great SEO tool that enables you to analyze & optimize the Link Structure of your page, eliminate all the broken links and improve the PageRank Flow of your Website.

The tool has been recently completely updated in order to give you better results, additional statistics and a more accurate analysis.

Link Structure Report

The Link Structure Report will provide you with:

  • Useful Graphs & Pie Charts that represent the Link Types & quality
  • Data about the amount of PageRank that flows internally
  • A detailed view of the Link Structure of the page
  • The number & the list of all Broken Links

Use this FREE tool to focus on your important pages, reform your link structure and improve the Rankings of your internal pages.

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Optimize Web Page Link Structure
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