RSS Usage Statistics

RSS or “Real Simple Syndication” uses unstyled XML to make it possible for up-to-date web content to be distributed from one website to thousands all over the world. There was a time when everybody was REALLY excited about RSS, but how many websites still use it? 

Websites Using RSS

Number of sites using RSS to syndicate their content.  The pink line represents the top 100K sites and the blue represents the top 1 million sites (according to Alexa).

According to research from BuiltWith, about 13% of the entire web has an RSS feed available–but that doesn’t necessarily mean 13% of people with internet access are actually consuming all that XML…

RSS Use By Vertical

Download a list of websites using RSS from BuiltWith.

How many users actually consume feeds like this?  Tough to say at this point.  Maybe someone will co-sponsor some research to find out.

RSS Usage Statistics
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