Social and Mobile Ad CTR

According to a March 2013 report by MediaBrix, social and mobile gaming ads generate an average click-through rate (CTR) of 3%!  That’s far higher than the 0.1% average for standard banner ads (says MediaMind), and various other benchmarks cited in the study supplied by outside sources, including mobile banner ads (0.86%) and Facebook ads (0.11%).

Moreover, CTR for social and mobile gaming value exchange ads – where users receive a reward for viewing the full ad – generate an average CTR of 11%.

Benchmark Click-Through Rates

All values are in percent (so, “0.10” is 0.10% or 1-in-1,000). Data collected in March 2013.

Sources: MediaBrix/AdParior/MediaMind – all data save for MediaBrix supplied by eMarketer.

Other Benchmarks

Video ad completion rates have been argued to be more important than click-through rates, and the MediaBrix study shows that social and mobile gaming value exchange ads (exclusively video ads) perform well in this regard too, with a 91% completion rate.

That completion rate outperforms Vindico benchmarks cited in the report, including completion rates on ad networks (68%), portals (74%), and video portals (83%), trailing only completion rates for ads seen in full episodes (93%).

Read the full report here (PDF).

About the MediaBrix Data

The MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming Report data was compiled for the time period July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 across social and mobile games. The MediaBrix benchmarks were calculated by averaging proprietary data collected from 100 social and mobile gaming advertising campaigns and over one billion impressions. The ad data was then compared to industry benchmarks supplied by eMarketer. Please note that social and mobile gaming performance rates and metrics may be higher or lower than the data included in the report depending on varying factors including intent, creative, media and other unknown factors.

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Social and Mobile Ad CTR
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