Web Host Speed Tests

Website loading speed matters–a lot.  But there’s only so much webmasters and digital agencies can do when their $3/m web host’s performance isn’t up to snuff.

WPMU came out with a WordPress-specific speed test analysis not too long ago, but when a new web hosting company claiming “wicked-fast” speeds published similar research, we had to put it to the Cometrics test.  Here is what we found out.

The Data Set

Most of the data comes from what jHost published on their website (or sites, really).


jHost created several subdomains and pointed each to larger, better known web hosting companies so we could install EXACTLY the same website on different web hosting providers and test their performance.

To keep the data unbiased, they then tested each testing site using two 3rd party tools: Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom’s Web Page Loading test.

Web Host Test Results

Using jHost’s testing sites, here’s how 1&1, HostGator and GoDaddy stack up to jHost (as a baseline).

What that amounts to is this. jHost is, on average, 40% faster than the other, larger (and cheaper) hosts.

jHost is about 2.5 seconds faster per page.

That’s about 2.5 seconds faster per page–just because of jHost.  That makes more of a difference than you might think.

Up next?

Seeing is believing and jHost gets that.  According to their News blog, they’re working on building a web app that will allow visitors to test your OWN site speed on different hosts.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for you.

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Web Host Speed Tests
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