2013 Mobile Trends

This year there are expected to be 1 billion active mobile app users worldwide spending 101 billion minutes a month on Android/iOS apps alone. And in the US, users will spend another 23 billion minutes a month on the mobile web.

Smart companies aren’t looking at any one trend or consumer behavior, they’re looking at all of them
As more and more consumers adopt mobile internet technologies in the coming years, those numbers will only increase. So how are marketers and their partners adapting to this behavior shift?

They’re considering the latest research about the mobile consumer’s propensity to multitask (49% say they are simultaneously watching TV and interacting with a mobile internet device every day). They’re crafting multichannel strategies that take into account research that indicates combining earned and paid media is more effective than using either alone. They’re paying attention to the demographics behind how different populations are responding to mobile—for instance, consumers in countries with high versus low broadband penetration.

In other words, smart companies aren’t looking at any one trend or consumer behavior, they’re looking at all of them.

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Mobile Trends
2013 Mobile Trends
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