5 Buyer Insights to Improve Your Marketing to HR

After budget cutbacks and freezes during the recession, more and more HR buyers have money to spend. Bersin By Deloitte reports 57% of companies plan to make a major new HR software purchase in the next 18 months.

As a vendor, this is a great opportunity to increase sales–and profits. However, buyer behaviors and preferences are changing at a tremendous pace.

HR Buyer Insights

Get the “woo-hoos” to drown out the “oh nos” by downloading fisher VISTA’s new whitepaper, “5 Buyer Insights to Improve your Marketing to HR.”

Inside fisher VISTA’s whitepaper:

  • The two types of buyers, and the ways to reach them
  • What your most-crucial resource for reaching buyers is
  • What buyers are looking for from you during different stages of the sales process
  • What buyers are seeking when they purchase solutions
  • The crucial realization that will help you earn more renewals

Download the article on HR buyer insights today (a short registration required).

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5 Buyer Insights to Improve Your Marketing to HR
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