4 Emerging B2B Marketing Trends 2014

Traditional media channels that used to perform for B2B marketers haven’t been delivering like they used to. It’s time to look at emerging techniques that will keep leads flowing at the lowest cost.
Remember when things were easy?  That time has past.

For many enterprise software and services companies that specialize in HR, what used to work when buying media suddenly isn’t enough. It used to be easy to rent some email lists, take down a few webinars, and find yourself rolling in opportunities.

Now you’re seeing conversion rates go down and cost of customer acquisition go up. As you plan media for 2014, you know things are different, but you may not be quite sure how to focus your priorities.

Download the e-book “Four Emerging Media Trends That B2B Marketers Can’t Ignore.” You’ll discover how to:

  • Use Lead Nurturing 2.0 to avoid losing sales opportunities to competitors
  • Improve demand generation results as you buy your media more efficiently
  • Use behavioral data to reach buyers you never knew existed
  • Improve your media results with better data

Take a look at four media trends that you need to consider as you plan for 2014 — get The Starr Conspiracy e-book now!

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4 Emerging B2B Marketing Trends 2014
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