Choosing Responsive or Adaptive Web Design?

Responsive or Adaptive Design? Sitecore’s new whitepaper about the web design shift from mobile to multichannel.

RWDvsAWDcoverWhether you’re choosing between Responsive (which focuses on CSS3 Media Queries) and Adaptive Design (which creates totally separate experiences for mobile, tablet and/or desktop) or you’re using both, it’s a tricky decision to make.

The differences between the two are nuanced and each company has different criteria in making their selection.

The decision gets much easier when you narrow down your priority either to strictly mobile or to multichannel users. By committing to multichannel users, for example, you can leverage Adaptive Design for your customers and their long-term needs.

Inside the Whitepaper

The Sitecore whitepaper includes detailed information on:

  • Reasons to use both Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Design (AWD)
  • Long-term considerations when choosing RWD or AWD
  • Presenting mobile content in context: from templates to locale detection
  • How Sitecore’s CMS and digital marketing solutions are ideal for leveraging AWD

Use this white paper to help you with your key website design decisions to make the right choice for your company.

Register to download the whitepaper on Sitecore.

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Choosing Responsive or Adaptive Web Design?
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