Report on Increasing Conversions with Graphics

A special report from the Information Highwayman reveals what direct response marketers have known for years about how images can depress conversion rates.

Unfortunately, most web designers haven’t bothered to study direct response marketing. That’s why all the “wisdom” you’ll find on the web is about how images will increase response — regardless of how you use them.

In the report

The only 2 kinds of image that will ever do anything to lift response (all other kinds will depress it).  Learn how readers “anchor” themselves on a page — and why most images break this fundamental paradigm.  Understand a technique for presenting images that newspapers have used for years to increase readership by 300% — yet you’ll find it used on fewer than 1 in 100 websites.

Also Included

Also included in the report, 16 real-world examples for you to study and use.

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Report on Increasing Conversions with Graphics
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