Email Marketing to Grow 11% through 2014

We’ve written about the challenge many small businesses face when considering email marketing – taking the first step and just getting started.

Two recent research reports, one from industry analyst Forrester and a second study from Forbes, reported in eMarketer, speak to the value of email as a marketing tool – and it’s huge.

Forrester predicts that email marketing will grow at an 11 percent combined annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2014, fueled by high return on investment.

Forbes’ study goes one further, pointing out that email marketing is second only to search engine optimization for generating sales conversions.

With these numbers, it’s clear that email, especially for the SMB, is a marketing tool that can break through the clutter and get prospects and valued customers to act.

For those whose budget won’t stretch to SEO or pay-per-click campaigns, clearly, email is an effective, easy-to-use, sophisticated tool.

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Email Marketing to Grow 11% through 2014
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