How Consumer Tech Trends Shape HR Software

One of the biggest trends from our white paper “The Future of HCM: 7 Trends That Every HCM Provider Needs to Know” focused on the consumerification of HR technology. As the number of users of HR technology increases from a handful of individuals to entire organizations, changes need to be made to the way software is built and deployed throughout the organization.

We’ve just put together a digital infographic that tells the story of:

  • How consumer trends have impacted HR technology
  • Where HR technology is going in the era of employee-facing software
  • What HCM providers need to do in order to take advantage of this trend
85% of Fans

85% of fans who will recommend you on social media.

60% of Non-Fans

60% of non-fans who will recommend you on social media.

A 13% Difference

13% difference in satisfaction between fans and non-fans.

HR technology is dictated by everyone in an organization. Branding is more important than ever. And you need to have a great brand.

If you haven’t already, download “The Future of HCM” white paper and learn about the other six trends all HCM providers should know.

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How Consumer Tech Trends Shape HR Software
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