Market Your HR Business with Social Media

You see it. In fact, you can’t avoid it. Like the rest of us, you are being bombarded with social media. You understand the game is changing. But there is so much information, you feel paralyzed.

hrx-whitepaper-socialmediaWhere do you even start? Or if you have started, are you investing your efforts in the best places and the most effective ways?

HR influencer and marketing expert John Sumser of HRxAnalysts, has recently published a new whitepaper, 10 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business with Social Media (available for free through HRmarketer).

In the white paper, you’ll find simple ways to harness social media to get more visibility for your HR product and grow your company.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to put these tactics to work. You don’t even have to use them all.  Start wherever you feel comfortable.

Download the whitepaper from HRmarketer’s downloads (registration required).

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Market Your HR Business with Social Media
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