Responsive Design for Landing Pages

Gone are the days when mobile devices were the exception within your campaigns. Now they’re the norm. And their usage impacts results. Advertising and marketing success is dependent on delivering usable and satisfying messages to all devices—smartphones, tablets and desktops.

ion-ipad-landingpageIf you think you’re not ready to embrace responsive design yet–think again.  Google knows it’s imperative to satisfy all mobile devices–now.  The mandatory switch to enhanced campaigns on July 22, 2013 Google drew a line in the mobile sand.

It’s time for all marketers and advertisers to accept that succeeding in digital, means making your campaigns responsive–today.

Inside the White Paper

Responsive Design for Landing Pages” shows how one page really can satisfy everyone on every device.

The white paper includes:

  • 3 web design techniques for mobile users
  • Benefits of responsive design
  • Pros & cons of mobile-first design
  • 9-Point responsive design checklist

Get the complete guide to making your campaigns responsive today (registration required).

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Responsive Design for Landing Pages
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