State of Email 2015 Report Published

Email marketers and designers have seen a lot of change in the past year. The introduction of new anti-spam laws, email apps, bigger-than-ever iPhones (and so much more!) has kept us on our toes.

2015 State of EmailLitmus, the masters of email testing and tracking, has just published “2015 State of Email Report” to break it all down barney-style.

The free report includes a full analysis of every change and innovation, the possible impact on your email marketing efforts, and recommended next steps.

Email marketing is alive, well, and full of changes.


In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How to Optimize for the Inbox
  • Sending Relevant Emails
  • Adhere to the new SPAM Laws
  • Changes in Open Data
  • Using Automatic Unsubscribe to your Advantage
  • Sending from a Private Domain

View the original announcement on the Litmus blog.


Special Offer:

The email world is changing. Are your campaigns keeping up?

As marketers and designers, it’s our responsibility to stay on top of the latest updates and advances. After all, we understand the power of email—and that optimizing these messages can have a huge impact opens, clicks, conversions, and most importantly—our brand.

Litmus makes it easy to research, build, test, and analyze every campaign. Give your subscribers the best email experience possible—and get the best results in return.

Try Litmus free for 14 days. No credit card required.



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State of Email 2015 Report Published
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