Tradeshows are Expen$ive

Exhibiting isn’t cheap. From booth fees to plane tickets to hotels, the costs add up quickly. Yet most companies make critical mistakes or fail to fully take advantage of the opportunities that tradeshows provide.

Our article “Tradeshows are Expen$ive: 33 Tips to Maximize Your Return on Exhibiting” (no registration required) provides specific, often outside-the-box ideas on best exhibiting practices, covering everything from planning to working the booth to measuring results. It’s easy-to-follow format covers all major parts of the exhibiting process, including: Before you decide to exhibit; Picking shows; Before a show; During a show; and After a show.

While not every tip is appropriate for every exhibitor, this article will give you some new ideas, and help you think critically about how you can become a better exhibitor.

Download the Article (no registration required)

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Tradeshows are Expen$ive
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