U.S. Video Advertising as a Percent of Total Online Video Consumption

According to December 2010 Video Metrix data, video ads comprised 16.4 percent of all videos streamed, up from 12.2 percent in June.

Although video ads now account for approximately one in every six videos viewed, they do not yet represent a significant interruption to the online viewing experience, as they only account for 1.6 percent of all time spent viewing video (up from 1.2 percent in June).


There’s more in comScore’s 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review report.  Download it here.

The report looks across the digital landscape to highlight the industry’s leading stories of the year.

  • How did the rebounding economy influence retail e-commerce, what group-buying and flash sales sites found success in 2010?
  • Which social networks witnessed the largest gains, what new social media players came onto the scene in 2010?
  • What were the key trends in the search market, which search engines saw the largest gains throughout the year?
  • Who were the top players in display advertising in 2010, what are the key trends in measuring the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns?
  • How did online video viewers’ behaviors shift throughout the year, how are video ads influencing the industry landscape?
  • How has smartphone adoption influenced the mobile landscape, which players accounted for the largest share of the mobile market across operating systems, device manufacturers and network operators in 2010?
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U.S. Video Advertising as a Percent of Total Online Video Consumption
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