Use Advanced Email Techniques or Fall Behind

According to Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2012 (here’s the 2013 report), only 31 percent of companies regularly test their email marketing campaigns.

Of those that do, 81 percent said their return on investment (ROI) was “excellent” or “good,” while just 37 percent of those that didn’t test felt the same way. What’s more, 95 percent of companies that partook in segmentation practices were more likely to rate their campaigns as excellent or good than those that didn’t.

“This year, delving deeper into the data, shows a direct result of using best practices is better ROI,” said Adestra managing director Henry Hyder-Smith. “So doing more segmentation, more testing and integrating email with CRM, web analytics and sales data, all show significant growth. Get the basics right, and you will sell more.”

Morgan Stewart of Trendline International added that he’s seeing an “erosion” of the middle class of email. Marketers who previously sent mediocre messages without utilizing advanced techniques could still get by, but today with tactics such as integration, personalization and segmentation, they’re likely to fall into the lower class if they don’t adapt.

“Put simply, those performing ‘batch and blast’ techniques are less likely to see ROI benefits,” explains Econsultancy research director, Linus Gregoriadis, as quoted by Equimedia.

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Use Advanced Email Techniques or Fall Behind
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